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The protection from harm of children and adults who may be vulnerable is of paramount importance to us. As a chaplaincy within the Diocese of Europe, we comply fully with the requirements of the Diocese’s Safeguarding Policy. We will not tolerate the abuse of children or adults in any form.


Specifically, within our Chaplaincy we are committed to:

-The care, nurture, and respectful pastoral ministry of all children, young persons and adults;

-The safeguarding and protection of all children, young persons and adults who may be vulnerable;

-The establishing of safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment where there is a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ as to the dangers of abuse;

-The careful selection and training of all those with any safeguarding responsibility within the Church, including the use of available criminal records disclosures and relevant vetting and barring schemes.

-Preventing abuse or the likelihood of abuse by encouraging and adopting a pro-active stance to safeguarding; responding to the slightest concern whether by rumour, speculation or from an anonymous source – every safeguarding concern will be taken seriously.

-Ensuring that any concern about safeguarding must be passed onto someone in the Diocesan Safeguarding Team as there are no legal barriers to sharing such concerns.

-Responding without delay to every complaint made which suggests that a child, young person or adult may have been harmed - co-operating with the local police, relevant local agencies and any other relevant body (eg other faith groups) in any investigation.

-Seeking to work with anyone who has suffered abuse, developing with them an appropriate ministry of informed pastoral care.

-Seeking to challenge any abuse of power, especially by anyone in a position of trust.

-Seeking to offer pastoral care and support, including supervision and referral to the proper authorities, to any member of our church community known to have offended against a child, young person or vulnerable adult.

Contact Information:

Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer:


Diocesan Safeguarding Officer:

Phone:  44 (0) 207 898 1150 or 44 (0) 207 898 1163


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